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how to cure depression in Hindi


If you are already connected to me then you must have known the cause-and-effect

Cause of depression

The story of all of us is different, so the cause of all of us will be different, in my case the cause of depression was “a fear” due to which I went into depression.

Note : To cure the Depression you have to find out the cause of depression then work upon it , So try to find out the cause deeply like i did.

The fear that was inside me, due to some sensation, which sensation was born when my body was touched by another body, the way I used to think about sensation, that thinking creates fear.

The cause for the sensation was that “I used to get excited very quickly whenever a body was touched by my body”.

The cause for getting excited too early was “My sexual desire increased”

The reason for my sexual desire to grow was “I was addicted to pornography”

The cause of pornography was ” pleasure of using Pornography”

How did I come out of depression?

I stopped pornography completely, the effect of that “my sexual desire has become normal”

My sexual desire became normal the effect of that “I was not very excited all the time”.

I was not very excited all the time, the effect of that “I was developing my ability to think”

“My fear is over” because of my increased ability to think.

My depression ended with the effects of my fear being over.

Today I tell you with a guarantee that “no one can cure your depression except you, if you go in the right direction.

How to completely cure depression in 100 days

Now tell me in the comment, what is the reason for your depression?


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