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how to cure depression in Hindi



Have you read Cause and Effect, if you have studied, then you must have known that whatever you do, there is a Cause and Effect Definitely happens.

Have you made a list of cause-and-effect ?

If you have not made, you
First read this (cause-and-effect) article.

Now you have to know the effect of all those causes.

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If you know the cause-and-effect
Then you will also know what to do and what not to do.

Whatever we do in life, all the actions of our life are related to each other.

I started changing myself after knowing the cause-and-effect.


I started reading spiritual books instead of reading sex stories

Because of which my mental state started changing

My mental state started changing, due to which my physical activity also started changing.

Because of which I started doing my work on time and by the time my depression disappeared.

You can know from this, one of my changes can save my life.

In the same way, as soon as I kept changing myself, similar changes came in me.

Pornography is not necessarily the cause of your depression, but there is definitely a cause.

Identify the cause as soon as possible.

To do list for today:

Start changing yourself in a new direction, try to find out the cause,Because of which you are in this state, change yourself as soon as possible: From today on wards you have to hear / see something good.

it’s enough for today

let me know in the comment : what changes have you made in yourself?


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