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how to cure depression in Hindi


how to cure social anxiety ?

I was deeply troubled by depression and social anxiety in 2016.

If you have already read about me, then perhaps you will know that if you do not know then read this book: mai depression se bahar kaise aaya?

What is social anxiety?

If I tell from my own life, I was afraid of going in front of people, because when any person touched me, sensation was born in me.

It was a new experience for me because of that sensation, I started feeling scared of people, so I used to stay away from people.

Fear of going in front of people is called social anxiety.

How did I end social anxiety?

For a long period of 6 months I was in a state of social anxiety, in the meantime I was unknowingly walking on the spiritual path.

Actually that sensation was not bad, but my thoughts about that sensation were wrong, but I came to know that when I was completely out of depression, I left my graduation and I started spending time with myself only.

When I lived alone, I had some questions like this: – Why is this happening to me?

Seeking answers to these few questions, I started reading books and was able to see my inner thoughts while reading some spiritual books.

How my thoughts are changing, here I would like to draw your attention to cause and effect.

When I used to spend my time reading porn stories, my thoughts used to come in the same way throughout the day, but today when I read spiritual books, I get spiritual thoughts.

All this was happening in me because of cause-and-effect.

Maybe one change can gives you better destiny

How to cure social anxiety?

To end social anxiety, you have to work on your mind, only you and only you can do it and nobody else Make a habit of reading books.


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