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how to cure depression in Hindi


how do you move on after a break up?

It is natural to feel sad about a breakup because when you are connected with a person, how can you live without suffering?

How to deal with break up in Hindi

how to cure depression in 100 days

Ask yourself some questions and write honestly in the notebook

  1. Is this person the last person on earth for whom you are troubled?
    Write your own answer
  2. Was this person so good for whom I am grieving?
  3. Will this person keep me happy for life? For which I am getting upset.
  4. Do we really have any relationship with anyone or are we just playing a role in A relationship?
  5. What happens to a breakup if we have no relationship with anyone?
  6. Wasn’t I happy in my life before meeting this ex-partner?
  7. What if this person does not come in my life?
  8. What can be good if such people do not come in my life ?
  9. Can’t I find a better person who understands me and loves me?
  10. Is it not good that a person who did not deserve me is no longer with me?
  11. How good is my luck because of such people, I will not have to bother anymore due to such people?

Write the answers of all these questions in a notebook with an open mind.

In fact, we have no relationship with anyone, we just play the role of relationship.

The only difference is that some are playing a good role and some are playing a bad role.

 You do not think that someone who is not playing a good role should not be in this role.

When someone is not playing a good role, then how can a movie called life will be good?

Why not find an another artist (partner) who can improve this movie named life ?

Why not thank God, he has given a good opportunity where you can choose a good person.

You take a new birth every moment because the time that has passed will not come back.

Remember the time when you have a breakup with your ex partner
There were other options.

But maybe by mistake you have chosen a wrong person, today you have a chance to rectify that mistake.

What to do to deal with break up

Give yourself some time and ask yourself some good questions.

Give yourself a new direction because you have a chance to change your story.

Why not make a story that will be remembered in history.

And say one thing from your heart, thank the person who has given you some good and some bad moments of life.

Whatever happened, happened and say that I want this person to be happy in every situation, wherever he is with me even after me, he should not have any grief, he will get all kinds of happiness.

You will say this only if you are a good person and your heart is big, these things will give you a different comfort.

Now make a prayer in the comment to the person who has hurt your heart and see its reward.


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