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why i want to forget my past memories

I would like to tell from my story, why we want to forget the past.

In 2016, I was in depression, one of my thoughts which used to come to me again and again.

Actually, that thought was not a minor thought, it was a ‘fear’.

I used to think that the thought of ​​fear should not come to me, but it used to come again and again.

One of that reasons was that Mind does not know what is right and what is wrong.

If you are not sure then say it
I should not have such thoughts, which I want to forget.

If I tell you the truth, now you are afraid to read this too.

But you must be sure that you will benefit by reading this.

what will happen if i forget the past ?

Now you think what would happen if you forgot your past?

You won’t know your name

You might not know your relationship

Your body will be so big but your intellect and mind will be like a child.

You will not know the difference between your house and your neighbor’s house.

To be honest, nothing will be known , and you will behave like a new born baby.

So do you still want to forget your past
Or want to learn something from your past.

Perhaps you do not want to forget your past, you want to forget your thoughts that you are afraid of.

Now you must have realized that it is almost impossible to forget the past.

how to forget past memories ?

So the question comes that can we change our thoughts?

Yes, of course we can change our thoughts.

Our thoughts are of the same type again and again because our daily routine is the same as it was before.

We want to change the thoughts but do not want to change the routine, so the same thoughts come again and again.

So please change your routine, not thoughts.

Have you ever seen that you sowed the seed of Acacia tree and you are hoping from that if mango fruit comes, is it possible?

To change your thoughts, change yourself.

Use your sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin and mouth) in a good place.

Listen to good people, read good books,Do good deeds.

Finally i will just say that

The cause of your present problems is the actions of the past, and the present problem is its effect.


let me in the comment what kind of memory you want to change ?


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