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how to cure depression in Hindi


How to increase memory power ?

You have already experience that when we try to remember, usually we forget it.

Imagine why this happens?

This is because your emotion and feeling are not connected behind it,

you do not need to take a tablet to increase memory.

Just remember to change your ways to learn.

How to cure depression in 100 days

Let’s try to understand through an example, how are your memory.

I am giving the names of some words that you have to remember.

  1. Fun
  2. fine

Now write in a notebook or comment to see your memory, how many names do you remember? Don’t read them again

If you will be a normal person like me, then you
You will remember 4 to 7 words.

Now we try to remember them by linking them together, and let’s see how many words can we remember?

If you look at them carefully,I have written their rhyming words in reverse order.

Reverse order

  1. Rain
  2. fine
  3. fate
  4. Heaven
  5. fix
  6. live
  7. Door
  8. free
  9. zoo
  10. fun

The correct order

One – fun
Two – zoo
Three – free
Four – door
Five – live
Six – fix
Seven – heaven
Eight – fate
Ten – rain

Probably now that you have remembered all words .

To practice, write in a notebook from 10 to 1 without looking: –

for example :

  1. – rain
  2. ?

Now you might have written all the words because we had linked it to the rhyming words.

Okay, now we have learned to remember words. Can we remember the sentences too?

Try and see –

  1. Have you made a lot of fun in life?
  2. Did you visit zoo last time?
  3. Did you enjoy there for free?
  4. Did you see that big door?
  5. Did you watch the live show?
  6. Did your problem get fixed?
  7. Would you like to go to heaven?
  8. Is your fate too much?
  9. Are you fine?
  10. Will it be rain today?

Now we will try to write the whole sentence through the world and the world through number.

Like for example I said 5 its rhyming word is live

So Live Sentence is: Have you seen the live show?

Similarly, the words of the numbers from 10 to 1
And write the entire 10 sentences made from them –

Now tell me in the comment, how many sentences did you write completely correct?


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