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Behind everything there is a cause-and-effect, if you are doubting yourself, or doubting someone else, then there is a cause here.

On which base you are doubting.

You have to detached by yourself, what is your doubt, is it an illusion or is it a reality.

If this doubt is on your own then you have to see,

You have to observe what kind of thoughts are coming in your mind, what is the reason for that.


For example, suppose you are passing through a forest, where the lion is living
And you are doubting whether you should or should not pass there.

There must be doubt here. To be human
There is also an advantage that you have power to do doubt.


Let’s understand from another example: if you are investing your money in a place like the stock market
Which you do not have experience, and you are having trouble, whether you should invest money or not. Then this doubt is not just a doubt , it is intelligence. Because it is not an illusion.


Let us understand Doubt through another example: Suppose you are not getting married, have been looking for a partner for a long time now, and you have shown your hand to an astrologer, and astrologer (Joshi) told you You have to fast for 5 days on Tuesday

And you obeyed him without any doubt and you started five fasting on Tuesday, is it not an illusion?

What are the chances of getting married?

And if by any chance,you got married will your illusion not become a reality?

You will tell your story to people

And people also believe in such things quickly because there is no need to focus on this.

Similarly, if you are in a relationship, you should still look.

What is the reason for your doubt?

Is your doubt based on any illusion?

Is your doubt based on some truth events?

Doing questions by yourself is not Doubtfulness but an intelligence.


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