Deepak Yadav

how to cure depression in Hindi


Sleep without medication

Well, sleep is just a way of rest, where both body and mind are in a state of rest.

What comes to mind when we can’t sleep?

May be why I can’t sleep

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Even if you are not feeling sleepy, do not say that, rather get in a comfortable position

A state of rest means that you give comfort to both body and mind.

To relax body and mind don’t ask this question “Why I can’t sleep”
instead of that ask this question “what’s going on in my head”

When you think about lying – see what is going on inside my mind?

Doing this will cool the mind for some time.

Until you do not sleep, keep going in your mind again and again, what is going on in your mind?

When you ask this question, no thought will come to your mind for some time.

This stage is also called meditation, You will sleep while doing this


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