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how to talk to your parents about depression


How to tell your parents that you have depression?

First decide who is the best in your house, who spends more time with you, with whom you have more friendship, find out their mood before you start talking to them, when they seems calm, then talk to them about depression, and try to know that you are getting comfortable with them, when you feel that they can understand you, then tell them immediately. If you feel that they are not able to understand you, then share it with someone at home, who understand about mental diseases like depression. If you cannot tell them directly or are afraid to tell them.
So try to tell by some other means.

You have no well-wisher than your parents.

5 ways to tell your parents that you have depression-

  1. By talking directly:
    In this, you can tell things directly without intrupting the problem, whatever is happening with you, the way you are feeling. So just tell them directly.
  2. By a story :
    Even through a story, you can tell that by naming someone else in the story that you too are feeling the same way as the character is portraying.
  3. By sms :
    You can message them like the way I feel, I’m unable to tell you.
  4. Via Email:
    You can also convey your feelings to them through email.
  5. Using another person:
    Using another person can also tell your parents that you are depressed. This is the best way, if you are afraid, because the third person can go directly to your parents and tell them that your son / daughter may have depression.
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Which one is better way to tell to your parent let me know by commenting?


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