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DAY 2 : Surrender

Arrogant mind Reduces its effect when you surrender and you should not think that what is happening with you,otherwise egoistic mind will show more effect.

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Perhaps whatever bad thoughts are coming to you , that should not come, but as soon as you said, that thought already came in your mind.

You should completely deny that you have any disease, because it is not a disease, it is just a condition of mind that can be changed.

Just as the state of ice can be changed into water, similarly the state of mind can also be changed.

But remember, just as sunlight is used to transform ice into water, similarly it takes light of knowledge to change the state of mind.

To do list for today :

Surrender yourself completely to nature.

just say it loudly and apply in your life

Now i don’t care about any thought of my mind because i have surrender myself to the nature.

Read this line 5 times to understand it properly.

NOTE : You have to follow these steps from 1 to 100 to cure all psychological suffering.

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now let me know in the comment that how are you feeling after surrender ?


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