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how headache cure ?

Although tension is the main reason for headache, but apart from this there can be many reasons.

In fact, every person who has a headache, everybody The reason is different, because every person has mental stress due to the thought going on in their mind.

 Have you ever thought, your thoughts are the reason for your head pain, it is not that all kinds of thoughts cause headaches all the time.

Thoughts with a kind of disorder are the factors of chill, you have to see when you are having a headache, then how are the thoughts going on in your mind, how is the emotion?

To see this, you have to understand the cause-and-effect, there is a reason behind every effect, now the effect here is the grief of the head and the cause of which is the thought of disorder.

In this way, we can relieve headaches by working on our thoughts, for this you will have to work on yourself.


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