Deepak Yadav

how to cure depression in Hindi


We all have different lives, so of course everyone has different problems.

We human beings have their own fear, in fact every problem is a fear, this fear can be of any kind, this fear may be based on the past events, or future anxiety Can also be in the form.

How to eliminate the problem?

The only way to eliminate trouble is to understand the problem, to know the problem.

To eliminate trouble, you have to understand, is it a real problem or just an imaginary problem.

Imaginary problem

Trying to understand imaginary problems, if you are worried that you will get heaven after death, then this kind of worry or problem is just imaginary, it can be solved by developing your understanding.

real problem

If you talk about real trouble then real problems exist, as if there are 4 people in your family, you do not have enough money to provide them good food , this kind of problem is called real trouble.

You have to work hard physically and mentally to solve the real problem.


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